Monthly Archives: September 2008

Get Clicks and Free Money for your Nonprofit

If you become one of the exclusive chosen organizations, your nonprofit can benefit up to $10,000 with just the clicks of a mouse.

Here is the basic premise of
» People go to
» Users choose a cause they want to give to
» A person creates a badge and posts it to their profile, blog, etc.
» For every click the badge gets, your nonprofit receives donations (up to $10,000)


The “Get Involved” Section

The “Get Involved” section of a nonprofit website is usually pretty generic. It includes things like “Volunteer”, “Take a Trip” and “Donate”. took a new spin on this section, where instead of breaking out the section by activity, they ask you – the user – how much time you have to give. Based on your answer, a variety of ideas appear on how you can get involved in the organization.

What a great idea – focus on the user because if they’re giving their time, energy, money, etc., it’s all about them anyway.

The Cost of Google Analytics

Okay, Google Analytics is free.

But I saw one company that charged $800 for set up and thought it was genius.

Why charge $800 for something that takes 15 minutes to do?

1.) People will pay for it b/c they don’t know how easy it is to do.

2.) Provide them with added value – such as documentation or a webinar walking them through Google Analytics. Once you created the documentation or webinar, it would cost the company nothing to continue to use it as added value for the service!

3.) If people ever complain about the fee b/c they do find out about how easy it is to add the code, you can always remind them that you “taught” them how to use Google Analytics, too.

You can actually become Google Analytics Certified, which adds validity.

eMail Advertisment Appears to be Article

So, I got my daily eMail from ClickZ. In it, there was an advertisement that looks like a special article titled “Do You Have Email List ‘Shrinkage’?”As an online marketing expert, I was interested in what I could learn and clicked on the link.

I was taken to an web page advertisement for Email Labs.

Basically, it’s a page that offers a free downloadable resource (benefit for potential customer) and a way to acquire a new sales lead (benefit for the advertiser).

It’s so sneaky and great (and seems simple enough). What do you think?