Komen’s New Site

Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced the new Komen.org site launch today.

According the new website announcement email, they claim the purpose of the redesign was to achieve:

» Clearer navigation
» Integration of more personal stories
» Providing a sense of community

A few comments from a fundraising usability standpoint:

Search Bar
I am disappointed that the search bar is placed in one of the most prominent action areas of the site. It even appears to be the main call to action. Over 90% of search fails, which increases abandonment rates. If you have clear navigation (which they tout in their new website announcement email), then you’ve limited the need for search.

Donate Button
While I do like the animation effect when you scroll over the pink Donate button, it should be bigger, in a more prominent position in the upper, right-hand quadrant and should link directly to a donation form. When you give a user too many options for giving, they will abandon the initial action they were going to take.

Spanish Section
Creating a Spanish section for your site is great, especially if a percentage of your audience speaks the language. But, if you are going to have a Spanish section, make sure your banners coordinating with these pages are in Spanish, too. Make sure you don’t do straight translation – but consider the cultural differences, too.

User Paths
I love the use of user paths, as identified by the buttons labeled “I’ve Been Diagnosed with Breast Cancer”, “Someone I Know was Diagnosed” and “I’m Here to Make a Difference”. It takes me to a page that relates directly to how I’ve been affected by breast cancer.

Okay, those are just a few of my thoughts. I think, overall, the site looks great – but there’s always room for improvement…even on a newly redesigned site!


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