Don’t be a Door Checker

I heard a new term this week – “Door Checker”.

A Door Checker is the person that asks you to lock the doors.

After you have done so, they ask you “Did you lock the doors?”

After you reply “yes” and have resided in the fact that you did an awesome job at locking the doors, they go back to each door to make sure you locked the door. And, if you didn’t lock the door exactly the way they would have, they will re-lock the door.

Why would you hire a Door Locker if you are just going to go back and make sure he or she did their job the way you would? You should hire a Door Locker so that they can do their job to their best of their ability, and you do not have to feel worried about your safety.

Avoid being a Door Checker – hire the right people and then let them do their job.


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