Website Optimization ROI Calculator

ClickZ has created a Website Optimization ROI Calculator to help you determine the value of optimizing your website.

To utilize the tool, you do not need to be exact on the values or percentage lift, but try to be consistent with your estimates. This tool can be used as a way to prioritize your opportunities, forecast the impact of certain initiatives and measure the impact of actual tests.

First, you will need to enter your values and percentages:
» Total average monthly site visits
» Average monthly success events
» Success event conversion rate
» Average value of success event
» Increase site traffic by X%
» Increase site conversion by X%
» Estimated cost to improve performance

After you have entered your values and percentages, the Website Optimization ROI Calculator will estimate the impact on site optimization by configuring the following:
» Current value
» Estimated future value
» Incremental value
» Incremental success events

Jason Burby explains the Website Optimization ROI Calculator in further detail in his article, “Calculating the Value of Optimizing Your Web Site”.


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  1. One of the most accurate site value calculators:

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