Is Your Salesforce Doing Its Job?

In his article, Don’t Sell to Bar Owners, Seth says:

“Marketers are guilty of hoping for too much from a typical salesforce. In my experience, 90% of the salespeople out there are below average (because performance is a curve, not a line). The superstars are hard to find, hard to keep and hard to count on scaling. So that means you must create a product that doesn’t require a superstar to sell it. And the only way you’re going to sell an ad to a [insert difficult marketplace here] is to create a product/service/story that sells itself.”

From my encounters, people who are in sales typically think they’re really good at it. Are they disillusioned? Or are they all selling great products that don’t need much persuasion to sell through?

I agree with Seth in the fact that you should have a great product to sell. But, I also want to add that if our salesforce was properly trained on listening and identifying a client’s need, they would be better apt to offer the correct solutions. We need to quit focusing on our products and services – the ones we currently offer or know about – and shift the focus to the client’s need. Then, we should identify how we can take care of the client’s needs, even if it’s with a solution we haven’t come up with yet.


One response to “Is Your Salesforce Doing Its Job?

  1. Reformed Salesman

    A terrific marketing mind, however, recently wrote, “Sales executives rank right up there with realtors and used car salesmen.” Ouch. Particularly in today’s tight credit climate.

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