crowdSPRING is a great place to find creative resources. Here is the concept behind this innovative website:

1.) Post a creative project and attach a cost for what you are willing to pay to the winner.

2.) Creatives contribute actual project work (e.g. logo, widget, website design, etc.)

3.) Pick a winner of the entries: You receive the creative work and they receive the prize money.

When you post a request for creative work, you automatically receive:
» Access to 9,552 creatives
» At least 25 entries or your money back
» Free legal contract to protect your purchase
» crowdSPRING handles payment to creatives in 125+ countries
» Compete project management from posting to final file transfer
» For projects with awards starting at $150
» crowdSPRING will charge you 15% of the award cost

You can also particpate in their “PRO” program, which includes everything listed above, plus:
» Options for complete privacy
» Keep your project out of the search engines
» You decide which creatives have access
» Creatives are required to sign an NDA
» Control whether anyone can see the entries besides you
» For projects with awards starting at $1000


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