Handling eMail Mistakes

Jeanne Jennings at ClickZ informs us how to handle email mishaps. Here is a quick overview summary of her advice:

Wrong Subject Line
» Don’t send a correction unless revenue is at stake.
» Include the correct subject line in the subject line (don’t say something goofy like “Oops”).
» Include the original message’s content below the apology, so readers can read the content (which is the goal) without having to sift through their inbox to find the original message.

No Sender Line or Address
» Resend the full email with a brief explanation and apology at the top.
» Revise the subject line to include the original intended subject line & add something like “Correction: Original Subject Line” to indicate the change.

Broken Links
» When you resend this email (corrected – of course), indicate in your subject line that the email has been corrected (e.g. “Corrected Version: Original Subject Line”).
» Include a short apology and explanation at the top of the email.


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