Seth Advises to Skip Business School

Seth Godin is offering a free MBA.

For those of you who don’t know who Seth is, here’s a quick summary:
» Writes the most popular marketing blog in the world
» Author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade
» Speaks to large groups on marketing, new media and upcoming trends
» Founder of

Take Leo Burnett, David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Mark Twain. Combine their brains and shave their heads. What’s left? Seth Godin.

Jay Levinson
Author of Guerrilla Marketing

Now, into the details of the program

The Program
» One hour a day of class/dialogue
» Four hours a day of working on my projects
» Three hours a day of working on your personal project
» Five hours a day of living, noticing, doing and connecting

The Rules
» Find a place to stay that allows an easy commute to his office outside of NY (zip code 10706)
» Speak perfect English
» No smoking
» Be both nice and smart
» Have an impeccable list of references
» Submit your application by December 14, 2008

Build a Squidoo page that answers the following questions:
» What do you do now?
» Why do you do it?
» What are you hoping to learn?
» After you learn it, what are you going to do with it?
» Tell me a true story about making a change in the world.
» Have you overcome a Dip?
» What astonishing thing did you do before you did what you do now.
» Make a wish.
» What else should I know?

Secret Advice (per the man)
» Provide insight as to how many other people you told about this opportunity and how many other great people you persuaded to apply.
» Your ability to organize, your willingness to share (even if it doesn’t help your odds) and your kindness in spreading the word are exactly the sort of thing he’s looking for.
» Believe in yourself.

Yes, I’m thinking about it. I’m just not sure what to do about it. I need some reflection before I act. In the meantime, for more information, visit Seth’s “Don’t go to business school” Squidoo page that goes into more detail about this opportunity.


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