Increase Your Blog Traffic: Build a Triiibe

Jamey Shiels is the person in charge of monitoring Digital Pivot, a blog where I have the privilege of being a guest contributor. Today, Jamey asked us if we had any thoughts on how we could increase Digital Pivot’s awareness to get the content “out there”. Below is a list of my suggestions.

» Make sure that your blog is registered on Technorati.

» Request that each guest blogger also links to Digital Pivot from their own personal blogs.

» Ask your guest bloggers to also submit a post on their own personal blogs that points a link back to Digital Pivot. If each writer could do this on a weekly basis, this would help boost your blog in search engines through backlinking techniques.

» And finally, I don’t believe any of us really know each other. We could maybe try to build the blog not as individuals posting as individuals, but blogging as a community. We could possibly hold an online event where we can all meet and interact with one another. Or, we could feature a guest blogger’s bio each week. These bio posts could link to people’s LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking profiles. By doing this, we will gain friends and colleagues in our own personal circle. As we develop relationships among each other and by fostering a sense of community among us, we will be more engaged and dedicated to posting and interacting with one another. Once we believe ourselves to be a community, other people will catch on and join. I’m pulling a little bit from Seth Godin‘s Triiibes here – but, hey, I believe it!


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