Online Hotel Community

The Pod Hotel, formally known as Pickwick Arms, has its own social network. Prior to check-in, guests can create a profile, upload pictures and communicate with other PodCulture members. How convenient would it be to find a person that is staying in the hotel and attending the same conference? PodCulture is explained in further detail in “Private Social Network Aids Revenue Bump for New York Hotel“.

While this is a revolutionary concept, there are a few missed opportunities:

Building an Ongoing Community
Maybe The Pod Hotel is concerned about privacy or legal issues, but there seems to be a missed opportunity for building an ongoing community. Currently, users can only log on from the time they make a reservation until the time that they check in. Why? Wouldn’t it be great if users could find and connect with other people staying in the same hotel during their stay? An alternate solution might be to allow users exclusive content during the time they are registered guest until they check out, but still allow access to a community after you leave. Remember, it’s important to get people excited about a tribe, but if they are booted out of the conversation, they don’t really have the opportunity to continue the interaction.

Traditional Advertising
In order to not alienate their customers, PodCulture does not post any advertising on the site. Local businesses might be interested in marketing to tourists, and this could be an additional revenue stream for The Pod Hotel. This also could be seen as a benefit to the hotel guests, who might be interested in ads related to restaurants, entertainment and other relevant content.


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  3. Clever name and neat idea….until one realizes that they swiped the name (and spelling format) from our site and show that has been around long before they were. Does anyone not look up a name BEFORE they slap it on something?

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