Tracking Your Expenses

Tired of tracking your expenses and losing track? Or trying to balance your checkbook at the end of each month? Xpenser is offering a new real time solution by allowing you to record expenses via email, SMS, Twitter, IM or voicemail.

This can work for your business (e.g. From your iPhone, email “Lunch 52.85 with Client A”). Or, it can work for your personal life as well (e.g. From your phone, SMS “Electric bill 87.21”). It also has special settings to track mileage and you can enable an RSS feed or integrate with your own applications utilizing their API.

So, Mom, quit wasting your time and logging your expenses in your checkbook. Utilize the technology of 2009!

P.S. For business activities, I would still recommend holding on to your receipts.


2 responses to “Tracking Your Expenses

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  2. or you could try an online expense management software from Certify. 🙂

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