Want a Free Starbucks Coffee?

Interested in a free Starbucks Tall brewed coffee while also doing something good for your community? Visit Starbucks Pledge 5 and commit five hours of volunteer service – that’s all you have to do!

There are also several great strategies built into this microsite to help continue the conversation and interaction between the brand and the consumer:

Pledged Hours Counter
The top of the page continually updates based on the number of hours that people have committed. Very inspiring and encouraging!

Search Functionality
Within the site you have the ability to search for volunteer opportunities by your location and keywords.

Social Media Integration
Video is incorporated into YouTube, users can add a Facebook application or add the page to del.icio.us, MySpace, StumbleUpon, Digg, Twitter and Reddit.

Enhancing Brand Awareness
In addition to introducing the Pledge 5 campaign, users also have the ability to learn more about Starbucks Shared Planet, V2V and the HandsOn Network.

Two interesting side notes:
1.) The site is built on Salesforce CRM.
2.) What’s with the scrolling news feed? Please keep 90s internet advertising in the past.


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