A Little Added Value Gets Repeat Customers

A few weeks ago, I went to Chicago for a birthday weekend with “the girls”. Typically when I travel, I do my best to bring my dogs, but sometimes I am unable to do so.

For this past trip, I chose to keep my dogs at The Boarding Bungalow.

I originally chose it because there were actually pictures of small dogs on the site. Most boarding sites typically have photos of all large dogs, and I liked the fact that owners of small dogs used this place as well.

So, they had me – at least for one time. But I’ll go back. Even if they raise their prices.

Why? Because approximatley a week after my visit, they sent me pictures of my babies during their stay.

It probably took them a few minutes each day to take photos and then a few more to upload the pictures and send them to me. It cost them no extra expense, except for a couple of extra minutes – but it added value to our relationship. It confirmed to me that my dogs were paid attention to and cared for during their visit. And, because of this reassurance, I will continue to use their services.

Are you providing added value for your customers? Or could you be doing something that adds a little something extra to keep someone coming back?


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