Always Question Your Process

Often in software implementation, the focus is on shortening up the time between when a client signs a contract to the time they are actively using the software. The purpose of this is to get them into the support chain so that we can send canned FAQ responses or log tickets in a queue that requires days and even weeks for a reply, but I digress because this isn’t a post about customer support. In summary, the implementation cycle is treated with the “learn-as-you-go” mentality.

What if you actually spent the time to put together a proper, detailed implementation manual? Yes, it would take quite a bit of upfront cost, but wouldn’t you save money in the long run because you’re not answering the FAQs or having as many support questions? Why do we choose to skip this step and then get frustrated because every client always calls with the same issues during implementation?

If you choose to keep your same process and keep questioning why it isn’t working, you might want to try asking “what can I do differently”.


One response to “Always Question Your Process

  1. An excellent point. Customers may start becoming raving fans instead of just putting up with the company!

    Josh Nankivel

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