It’s Not About the Picture, Copy or Gift Arrays

If you’re coming from a traditional fundraising background, you remember the days of print – having to get everything exactly right before you sent something to the printer. One mistake used to mean big money.

In the online world, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting until everything is perfect.

My mom asked me who she should give to regarding the Haiti earthquake disaster. Here was my response:

You can donate to the Red Cross via text.

Through Twitter, I had also heard good things about Doctors Without Borders.

And, I found a list of other options to give online to the Haiti earthquake disaster.

Why was this my response? Because it’s not about the picture, the copy, the gift array – it’s about being there and present when people are ready to give.

I know there are a lot of political issues when dealing with nonprofit organizations, but money is being lost each hour that is being nit-picked over the details.

How can we get this across to our colleagues from traditional agency backgrounds and to the nonprofits?

People don’t care about your creative as long as they can complete the action they want to take! Please just give your donors the opportunity to easily give.


3 responses to “It’s Not About the Picture, Copy or Gift Arrays

  1. Truth that. Sometimes, a message has to be absolutely perfect, and the related time delays are worth it.

    But usually, it’s better to get the message out. Especially when taking action can have such a deep, immediate impact.

  2. Andrew, what specific experience have you had where you did need a message to be absolutely perfect?

  3. I agree. The central focus of any message involving charity/relief should be the issue itself. Functionality and accountability are the primary needs for any charitable organization acting in real-time with natural disasters. Any superfluous marketing cleverness is wasting time, and resources. If I’m going to donate my hard-earned money, I just want it to be easy, and I want to know it’s being used correctly.

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