Fun in the Workplace?

We work 40+ hours a week and probably spend more time at the office than we often do at our own homes. In high-stress jobs, such as working at an agency, it is important to bring “fun” into the workplace. People who are in good spirits are more likely to be productive, which is beneficial to your company from a success and profitability perspective.

If you are a senior level manager or above, and you are reading this, I probably have some bad news for you. If you are trying to find tips on how to make the workplace more fun, you probably don’t have the ability to do so or feel pressure to make a change because morale is low. A fun environment cannot be an artificial mask; it has to be sincere.

So, how do you know if you have created a fun workplace?

  1. Professionalism does not mean being serious all the time
  2. Your employees understand what fun is in your workplace and what it is not
  3. You have a team of people that regularly organize events for the office
  4. Your team spends time reflecting on how to improve the workplace
  5. People are rewarded for good behavior (e.g. an employee works overtime & is told to take take the next day off, an employee thinks of a new idea and is given a gift certificate for something they enjoy, etc.)
  6. Practice what you preach – if you don’t want your employees to be stressed and work overtime, then don’t do it yourself
  7. There are toys, games, snacks around the office. If you want people to stay there, give them incentive to do so
  8. Your employees have flexibility in their work schedules and can work from home occasionally
  9. You surprise your employees with something like an unexpected breakfast, happy hour or off site meeting
  10. You acknowledge your employees’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Remember, throwing money at employees isn’t always the answer. The most successful companies also realize flexibility, values, career development and providing mentorship through meaningful experiences are also important elements to minimizing turnover.


6 responses to “Fun in the Workplace?

  1. P.S. Dogs & booze never hurt to add to the mix as well 🙂

  2. -Cymberly

    Enjoyment in the workplace is most important. I find when I am sincere about my employee’s wants, and family needs, we connect on a different level, the Sincere part, is SUPER important! Looking back on how many times I have said I, instead of WE, makes me cringe. Looking forward, I want to create an atmosphere where we not only do we enjoy our time together more , but of our creative juices flow, and come to fruition at a higher level. I once heard, When you own a business, you have to work harder on yourself, than on your business. Apparently this is true, thanks for the reminder! Cheers, and I’m now on my way to take our team for breakfast!


  3. Jorin –

    I loved this quote of yours “When you own a business, you have to work harder on yourself, than on your business”. Beautiful.

    My dad also saw this post and your comment and asked me when I can come work for you 🙂


  4. Haha, that’s awesome! In the near future I am planning on selling my company and switching to traveling and full time blogging, with photography and videos thrown into the mix. I will be looking for people on my blog roll to interview. You could help me with your outlook on Dallas if you want!

    Heres a random question . . If you could design a perfect day, that you could live with repeating. Your location, money, and skills would all be there for you, with nothing holding you back. What would that day be like, from dawn till dusk.


  5. Sure, I’ll help you out with the D-Town incite.

    My perfect day that repeats:
    – I wake up at 11:00am
    – I let me dogs out & feed them
    – I step outside onto the sandy beach
    – I bring books to read (these will be different everyday) and drink cocktails
    – I work on building a nonprofit that focuses on educating the general public about people with mental disabilities
    – The beach washes up on feet as I read and lay out
    – I help someone, whether this is my adopted child or a stranger
    – I have dinner with my family
    – I end the day with my friends/family/dogs
    – I have a personal cook, nanny & trainer at my disposable

    What would your day include?

  6. My perfect day if I was to have a repeating day would include:

    – I wake up early by the women I love.
    – My view out our window is the ocean for sure, and Sunshine! (tropical)
    – I jump out of bed full of energy, or stay in it for awhile.
    – I have a snack fresh fruit
    – Exercise time. I hit the gym in our house, or I hit the waves, a couple hours surfing would be beautiful.
    – I come back for breakfast, I’m thinking Raw Foods, but those hash browns are soooo delicious!
    – I take some time for social networking and following up! (Some times it takes awhile to follow up, It’s usually because my answer is flying around in my head and is hard to catch!)
    – Here it’s between more exercise, and hitting the beach to write.
    – Philanthropist for sure for me it’s helping people in other countries, with opportunities for a better more fulfilling life.
    – Coffee or lunch with friends.
    – I love naps 20mins maybe an hour.
    – Manage my business online, maybe meet up with some partners, or clients for a few hours.
    – Dinner with family and maybe friends.
    – Sharing my life with others, I fear insignificance more than I fear failure.
    – Somewhere in here kids are in the mix. TV is not. Though I do like a good movie.
    – Excited for tomorrow, content with day I lived. My day ends with the woman I love.

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