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It’s Not About the Picture, Copy or Gift Arrays

If you’re coming from a traditional fundraising background, you remember the days of print – having to get everything exactly right before you sent something to the printer. One mistake used to mean big money.

In the online world, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting until everything is perfect Continue reading


Testing Your Email Campaigns

37% of marketers are still not testing their email campaigns and the top reason for not testing is due to lack of knowledge about how to do it. If you are paying someone to design and implement your email campaigns, and they do not know how to test – please try and find someone who does.

Testing your email campaigns increases open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

Among those email marketers that do test, Subject Lines are the top tested email element Continue reading

Nonprofits & Advertising

The Friendship Circle recently sent out an email with advertisements placed in the appeal. This is something I have yet to see a nonprofit do before, and I wonder if it is effective at bringing in additional revenue or effective at destroying credibility.

To advertise with The Friendship Circle, you must meet certain criteria, but this new initiative could create doubt in some donor’s minds. What do you think? Are advertisements on a nonprofit’s emails and/or websites effective or does it destroy consumer confidence?

Stop Asking for Email Addresses

Well, at least quit asking without offering a benefit exchange. Many sites have an area in the upper, right corner that ask you for your email, but they don’t offer anything in return. While you can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to sign up for your informative monthly newsletter, many people need more of incentive to give you their personal contact information.

Do you know of a company that is doing a great job of acquiring email addresses in an inventive way?

Tips For Rented Email Lists

Rented third-party email lists can be tricky and a waste of time to use. Be cautious when selecting a vendor and know the basic rules of engagement before entering into a contract.

Thanks to Jeanne Jennings for these rented email list tips:

» Buyer beware and skeptical

» Test a small portion of the list before you commit to renting the entire list

» If the pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is

» Legitimate list rental companies don’t turn over the email addresses to the sender

» Be certain you are familiar with email terminology and confirm that the company you’re dealing with understands it as well

» Build a deliverability clause into any list rental contract

Read the entire article, E-mail List Rentals: Red Flags and Results.

MarketingSherpa’s 2009 Email Marketing Awards

Here’s your chance to get some recognition for your email savvy: Enter MarketingSherpa’s 2009 Email Marketing Awards competition.

The fourth annual competition honors B2B and consumer marketers for email campaigns that really work. Think response rate, overall strategy and campaign goal.

Categories include:
» Newsletter
» Test you learned from
» Auto responder
» Opt-in campaign
» Non-email opt-in campaign
» Postcard campaign
» Promotional blast
» Mobile market email
» Promotional re-launch blast
» Single welcome letter
» Limited series email newsletter
» Triggered personalized email

Or, you can submit a campaign that does not fit a category and they’ll evaluate it. All entries are due by December 15 @ 7 p.m. EST.

Awards will be handed out on March 16 at Email Marketing Summit ’09, where 800 email marketers from around the world will gather in Miami, Florida from March 15-17. Thanks to Email Awards sponsor ExactTarget, there is no entry fee again this year.

eMail Marketing Tips from Greg Cangialosi

Hubspot‘s Mike Volpe recently spoke with Greg Cangialosi regarding eMail marketing tips.

I would like to touch on a few interesting things I gathered from Greg’s advice:

» If you are unhappy with your SEM conversion rates, try changing your landing pages to just ask for email opt-in.

» Email the people who have the highest click-through rates over the past 6 months and ask these brand-loyal people to tell their friends to sign up for your list.

» Send your new subscribers an instant confirmation email telling them what you will send them and how often you will send it. Make sure you think about all the email messages these users will be getting because sometimes they sign up for an eNewsletter but are also automatically added to other email lists as well.

» Because email open rates are becoming less reliable, do not focus so much on this metric. Instead, look at your click-through rate (CTR) when you are trying to get a user to take an action (this may not be relevant regarding your eNewsletters). Keep in mind that a click-through rate is usually determined by taking the total number of unique individuals who click a link in your email and dividing by the total number of tracked opens.