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New Educational Requirements

Here is a quick list of a few of the classes I did take while in school:

Interestingly enough, I’ve never had to explain the difference between a yellow dwarf star and a red dwarf star

While I did find this class interesting, I’ve never had to identify which Roman god equates to its Greek counterpart

Musics of Texas
I love me some Buddy Holly, but no one has ever asked me the name of the band that played with him.

And, I find it interesting that I did not take any classes related to the following topics before I stepped into the “real world” Continue reading


Always Question Your Process

Often in software implementation, the focus is on shortening up the time between when a client signs a contract to the time they are actively using the software. The purpose of this is to get them into the support chain so that we can send canned FAQ responses or log tickets in a queue that requires days and even weeks for a reply, but I digress because this isn’t a post about customer support Continue reading

Innovative Concept for Redesigning Your Website has been working on its website redesign, with the goal being to provide ways to connect to useful tools and each other.

In an effort to engage site users in its redesign, they have created the following process:

1. Receive input from users via an online survey.
2. Share survey results and next steps with the community.
3. Create design mockups to share with the community and receive input.

For more information and see the outcome, read the Redesign thread on the NetSquared blog.

A Little Added Value Gets Repeat Customers

A few weeks ago, I went to Chicago for a birthday weekend with “the girls”. Typically when I travel, I do my best to bring my dogs, but sometimes I am unable to do so.

For this past trip, I chose to keep my dogs at The Boarding Bungalow.

I originally chose it because there were actually pictures of small dogs on the site. Most boarding sites typically have photos of all large dogs, and I liked the fact that owners of small dogs used this place as well.

So, they had me – at least for one time. But I’ll go back. Even if they raise their prices Continue reading

Collaborative Group Decisions

A collaborative environment is a great way to generate ideas, but our thought process is often lost after a brainstorming session, especially in larger organizations.

Kluster is a group decision-making tool that showcases the benefits of large (30+) collaborative sessions. Begin by creating public or private groups, where members can rate the idea based on criteria you set like overall concept, potential ROI, ease-of-understanding, strategic direction or uniqueness. Freddie Laker even suggests using it for certain client collaborations.

I tried creating an account to get the process started, but didn’t find it very intuitive.

Does anyone currently use Kluster or feel like this is a tool that could be useful for your agency?

DoGooderTV Nonprofit Video Awards

This year’s theme for the DoGooderTV Nonprofit Video Awards is “Everyone’s Doing It”, which encourages submissions from organizational vlogs, staff-produced web clips and high-end, professionally produced videos.

If your organization made a video in 2008, you’re encouraged to submit as many entries as you like.

Entry fee: $0
Entry deadline: March 26, 2009
Winners announced: April 26-28, 2009

Winners will be featured in the online NonProfit Times, receive a Flip video camera and image licenses from Reuters and other video tools.

Mark Cuban’s Stimulus Plan

Mark Cuban is offering to fund your business plan in an “open source funding environment“. The hope is to create businesses that need a jump start to get the ball rolling and create revenue and jobs fairly quickly. If you meet his criteria – and are willing to take the risk – post your idea on his blog and see what happens.

Seth Godin has also offered up a list of business ideas generated by nine “students” in his Alternative MBA program. If you don’t have an idea to start with, take one of these suggestions and turn into something tangible.