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The Progression of Information Technology


Track Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Meteor Solutions claims to be able to effectively track word-of-mouth advertising with the precision of paid media. This solution for advertisers, publishers and agencies can help you evaluate your social networking campaigns.

The Meteor platform monitors web pages, bookmarks, email messages, instant messages and mobile devices. Scripts track content that is shared between friends, blogs and within communities.

Other site analytics track how many people visit your site, but Meteor’s tracking technology shows you where, when and how word-of-mouth activity happens. Meteor enables users to measure, buy and amplify word-of-mouth advertising with the same precision as paid media.

Hollis Thomases further elaborates on how this technology could be useful to media planners.

Make Your Handwriting Famous Font Generator

YourFonts turns your own handwriting into a font for free. You also have the option to include your signature and these OpenType fonts can be used on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux machines.

The first step is to print and fill out the template. You write each letter in a “cell”, which contains horizontal guidelines that help you write the characters in the correct dimensions.

After you save, scan and upload your template, you can download and install the fonts on your computer. Now, you can use your actual handwriting in your own documents!

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Free Screen Recording Software

CamStudio is a free screen recording software that captures all screen and audio activity on your computer and creates streaming Flash videos that you can share.

Use this software to create a video demonstration or tutorial for your customers. Or, record a problem or error that you’re experiencing to show technical support.

What other ways could this software be useful for you?

Hating Your FTP? manager is a hosted white label solution for companies that need to share files online. They claim their solution is much more flexible and simpler to use than a traditional FTP, and you can customize your settings to add your company’s branding to the interface.

Features include private sharing of files, with the ability to restrict access by assigning privileges. The users can also upload and access the files in a variety of ways.

Tracking Your Expenses

Tired of tracking your expenses and losing track? Or trying to balance your checkbook at the end of each month? Xpenser is offering a new real time solution by allowing you to record expenses via email, SMS, Twitter, IM or voicemail.

This can work for your business (e.g. From your iPhone, email “Lunch 52.85 with Client A”). Or, it can work for your personal life as well Continue reading