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Nonprofits & Advertising

The Friendship Circle recently sent out an email with advertisements placed in the appeal. This is something I have yet to see a nonprofit do before, and I wonder if it is effective at bringing in additional revenue or effective at destroying credibility.

To advertise with The Friendship Circle, you must meet certain criteria, but this new initiative could create doubt in some donor’s minds. What do you think? Are advertisements on a nonprofit’s emails and/or websites effective or does it destroy consumer confidence?


eMail Advertisment Appears to be Article

So, I got my daily eMail from ClickZ. In it, there was an advertisement that looks like a special article titled “Do You Have Email List ‘Shrinkage’?”As an online marketing expert, I was interested in what I could learn and clicked on the link.

I was taken to an web page advertisement for Email Labs.

Basically, it’s a page that offers a free downloadable resource (benefit for potential customer) and a way to acquire a new sales lead (benefit for the advertiser).

It’s so sneaky and great (and seems simple enough). What do you think?