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Want a Free Starbucks Coffee?

Interested in a free Starbucks Tall brewed coffee while also doing something good for your community? Visit Starbucks Pledge 5 and commit five hours of volunteer service – that’s all you have to do!

There are also several great strategies built into this microsite to help continue the conversation and interaction between the brand and the consumer Continue reading


Hating Your FTP?

Drop.io manager is a hosted white label solution for companies that need to share files online. They claim their solution is much more flexible and simpler to use than a traditional FTP, and you can customize your settings to add your company’s branding to the interface.

Features include private sharing of files, with the ability to restrict access by assigning privileges. The users can also upload and access the files in a variety of ways.

Social Media as a Brand Extension

Instead of focusing on social media as something additional to maintain that provides relatively little value, we need to shift our thinking. Social media is an extension of your brand, and how people perceive your identity can lead to greater awareness and profitability.

To increase your brand connections, Harry Gold outlines his suggestions, which are summed up below Continue reading