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New Educational Requirements

Here is a quick list of a few of the classes I did take while in school:

Interestingly enough, I’ve never had to explain the difference between a yellow dwarf star and a red dwarf star

While I did find this class interesting, I’ve never had to identify which Roman god equates to its Greek counterpart

Musics of Texas
I love me some Buddy Holly, but no one has ever asked me the name of the band that played with him.

And, I find it interesting that I did not take any classes related to the following topics before I stepped into the “real world” Continue reading


Tracking Your Expenses

Tired of tracking your expenses and losing track? Or trying to balance your checkbook at the end of each month? Xpenser is offering a new real time solution by allowing you to record expenses via email, SMS, Twitter, IM or voicemail.

This can work for your business (e.g. From your iPhone, email “Lunch 52.85 with Client A”). Or, it can work for your personal life as well Continue reading

Reasons to Utilize Analytics in a Down Economy

Okay, I stole these talking points from Leveraging the Weak Economy, a ClickZ article, but assumed it was relevant for organizations that may not want to spend more money right now, but are looking for ways to be effective online.

As resources and budgets continue to tighten, there will be a need for greater accountability – companies will need to justify why they are spending money online.

Jason Burby suggests focusing on analytics and site optimization to increase a web channel’s ROI and outlines how marketing executives can position the argument for analytics to the stakeholders in their organization:

» Define site goals by outlining desired behaviors

» Assign a dollar value to the different behaviors

» Determine the potential impact that each initiative can return

» Start testing – especially for different ways to solve the highest potential ROI opportunity

So, if you have a limited budget, but want to make an impact with the dollars they invest – turn to analytics. Assess your current activity and potential on future initiatives.