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eMail Marketing Tips from Greg Cangialosi

Hubspot‘s Mike Volpe recently spoke with Greg Cangialosi regarding eMail marketing tips.

I would like to touch on a few interesting things I gathered from Greg’s advice:

» If you are unhappy with your SEM conversion rates, try changing your landing pages to just ask for email opt-in.

» Email the people who have the highest click-through rates over the past 6 months and ask these brand-loyal people to tell their friends to sign up for your list.

» Send your new subscribers an instant confirmation email telling them what you will send them and how often you will send it. Make sure you think about all the email messages these users will be getting because sometimes they sign up for an eNewsletter but are also automatically added to other email lists as well.

» Because email open rates are becoming less reliable, do not focus so much on this metric. Instead, look at your click-through rate (CTR) when you are trying to get a user to take an action (this may not be relevant regarding your eNewsletters). Keep in mind that a click-through rate is usually determined by taking the total number of unique individuals who click a link in your email and dividing by the total number of tracked opens.