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Innovative Concept for Redesigning Your Website

NetSquared.org has been working on its website redesign, with the goal being to provide ways to connect to useful tools and each other.

In an effort to engage site users in its redesign, they have created the following process:

1. Receive input from users via an online survey.
2. Share survey results and next steps with the community.
3. Create design mockups to share with the community and receive input.

For more information and see the outcome, read the Redesign thread on the NetSquared blog.


Track Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Meteor Solutions claims to be able to effectively track word-of-mouth advertising with the precision of paid media. This solution for advertisers, publishers and agencies can help you evaluate your social networking campaigns.

The Meteor platform monitors web pages, bookmarks, email messages, instant messages and mobile devices. Scripts track content that is shared between friends, blogs and within communities.

Other site analytics track how many people visit your site, but Meteor’s tracking technology shows you where, when and how word-of-mouth activity happens. Meteor enables users to measure, buy and amplify word-of-mouth advertising with the same precision as paid media.

Hollis Thomases further elaborates on how this technology could be useful to media planners.

Traveling with Kids?

Traveling with children can be difficult, especially if you want to stay somewhere specifically kid -riendly. Trekaroo is a resource for parents to connect and find reviews and tops on kid-friendly activities and places to stay. The site offers several great resources for parents Continue reading

SXSW Interactive: March 13-17, 2009

The SXSW Interactive Festival is a five day event that attracts digital creatives and visionary technology entrepreneurs. The event celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology in the amazing city of Austin, TX. Whether you are a geek, a content creator, a new media entrepreneur, or just someone who likes being around an extremely creative community, I recommend you take a look at attending the SXSW Interactive Festival.

Find out more about the SXSW Interactive Festival »

Register for the event »

Want a Free Starbucks Coffee?

Interested in a free Starbucks Tall brewed coffee while also doing something good for your community? Visit Starbucks Pledge 5 and commit five hours of volunteer service – that’s all you have to do!

There are also several great strategies built into this microsite to help continue the conversation and interaction between the brand and the consumer Continue reading

Online Hotel Community

The Pod Hotel, formally known as Pickwick Arms, has its own social network. Prior to check-in, guests can create a profile, upload pictures and communicate with other PodCulture members. How convenient would it be to find a person that is staying in the hotel and attending the same conference? PodCulture is explained in further detail in “Private Social Network Aids Revenue Bump for New York Hotel“.

While this is a revolutionary concept, there are a few missed opportunities Continue reading

Turn Your Webinar Into a Two-Way Conversation with Twitter

Hubspot gives us advice on how to incorporate Twitter into our webinars to start a two-way conversation:
» Create a hashtag specific to your event
» Communicate to your attendees that you will monitor and accept questions via Twitter
» Make it easy for attendees to tweet with your hashtag
» Make it easy for attendees to follow the conversation related to your event
» Have someone monitoring and responding on Twitter as necessary throughout the event

Incorporating Twitter into your webinar strategy can help:
» Extend reach
» Create buzz
» Identify what your community is saying
» Develop effective response
» Foster networking and communication

Next time you host a webinar, remember to use social networking techniques to expand your reach and effectiveness.