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It’s Not About the Picture, Copy or Gift Arrays

If you’re coming from a traditional fundraising background, you remember the days of print – having to get everything exactly right before you sent something to the printer. One mistake used to mean big money.

In the online world, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting until everything is perfect Continue reading


Heifer International Introduces “Fund a Project”

Heifer International is trying a new approach in their email marketing. Their typical ask is to help fund an object (e.g. Goat). Recently, they sent out an email telling their donors that we can now also fund a project (e.g. Beekeeping in Kosovo).

By veering from their traditional ask, do they risk alienating their consistent donors – or will this approach just add new donors to the file? I also wonder if this approach might be best utilized for their major donors. To the typical giver, the amount needed might seem like an impossible goal to reach.

While I am interested in this new approach and how successful it will be for Heifer, I am more curious about Continue reading