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It’s Not About the Picture, Copy or Gift Arrays

If you’re coming from a traditional fundraising background, you remember the days of print – having to get everything exactly right before you sent something to the printer. One mistake used to mean big money.

In the online world, the biggest mistake you can make is waiting until everything is perfect Continue reading



If your nonprofit is on Change.org, there are a few opportunities that might be available for you to expand your presence in the social media network.

On Change.org, an organization has the ability to set up fundraising goals for specific projects. You also can have testimonies posted by Continue reading

Komen’s New Site

Susan G. Komen for the Cure announced the new Komen.org site launch today.

According the new website announcement email, they claim the purpose of the redesign was to achieve:

» Clearer navigation
» Integration of more personal stories
» Providing a sense of community

A few comments from a fundraising usability standpoint: Continue reading