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Resource for Startups

LuckyStartups has created a platform for startups to engage a captive audience through product placement in a live video. After the video is produced, it is distributed to Google, Yahoo, Viddler, Vimeo, Metacafe, Veoh, Blip, iTunes, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other relevant social media sites. In addition, LuckyStartups also offers static ad space on their site, including featured homepage placement.


The Cost of Google Analytics

Okay, Google Analytics is free.

But I saw one company that charged $800 for set up and thought it was genius.

Why charge $800 for something that takes 15 minutes to do?

1.) People will pay for it b/c they don’t know how easy it is to do.

2.) Provide them with added value – such as documentation or a webinar walking them through Google Analytics. Once you created the documentation or webinar, it would cost the company nothing to continue to use it as added value for the service!

3.) If people ever complain about the fee b/c they do find out about how easy it is to add the code, you can always remind them that you “taught” them how to use Google Analytics, too.

You can actually become Google Analytics Certified, which adds validity.