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3 Tips for Creating Content for Your New Site

Should you want to create the content for your site redesign, this is typically considered the “heavy lifting” portion for the client. Content can include items such as copy, images, videos, audio files and PDFs. Compiled below are a few helpful tips before you begin.

The Use of “Click Here”
Try not using “click here” in your copy, as it typically does not align with best web practices for some of the following reasons Continue reading


Tips For Rented Email Lists

Rented third-party email lists can be tricky and a waste of time to use. Be cautious when selecting a vendor and know the basic rules of engagement before entering into a contract.

Thanks to Jeanne Jennings for these rented email list tips:

» Buyer beware and skeptical

» Test a small portion of the list before you commit to renting the entire list

» If the pricing seems too good to be true, it probably is

» Legitimate list rental companies don’t turn over the email addresses to the sender

» Be certain you are familiar with email terminology and confirm that the company you’re dealing with understands it as well

» Build a deliverability clause into any list rental contract

Read the entire article, E-mail List Rentals: Red Flags and Results.